What is DevJam?

A developer and packager meeting around coordinating and improving the state of packaging of large scale applications written in the java programming language using the GNU Classpath, gcj and other free java-like tool chains for the various GNU/Linux distributions.

NOTE: this page is really for historical purposes...

For the next ?DevJam please see Java/DevJam/2012/Fosdem

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DevJam coordination

The next DevJam meeting

See Java/DevJam/2012/Fosdem

Three Java/DevJam developer and packager meetings have been organized so far. On this page we will try to coordinate a future meeting on a but a longer timeframe for planning to ensure that those traveling longer distances can adequately make arrangements. There is als a DevJam mailinglist that can be used for coordination.


classpath: how will it evolves further, and how are we going to deal with the big merge with openjdk (who does it, what, when, how, SCA vs. FSF CA, etc)

SUN <-> community: sorting out packaging, branding, certification


Java/DevJam meetings try to attract the main packagers of the various GNU/Linux distributions, JPackage representatives, traditional java build and packaging experts (ant/maven) and hackers from the various projects around GNU Classpath, gcj and the various Free Software groups that are working together to Escape the Java Trap. To make the hackfest as successful as possible we are aiming for a group of 20 to 30 people which will be asked to give a short presentation of their project and packaging efforts. Who are also interested in doing actual hacking during the event to show how the various packaging proposals can/should work out.

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