Debian related information

alt gravatar image Debian homepage of Jari Aalto (LinkedIn), nick name *jaalto* in irc etc.


Work sponsored with the help of Evolution Host Servers

Debian QA work

See maintained software packages, portofolio and BTS. Over 2200 items reported to BTS of which 600+ patches to help packages.

Debian package maintenance

See Developer information. I have LowThresholdNmu and participate in collab-maint in Alioth. Use Debian git repository for submitting patches to packages:

    apt-get install devscripts    # for debcheckout(1)

    debcheckout PACKAGE
    cd PACKAGE
    git checkout -b my-fixes master

    #  edit & commit cycle
    $EDITOR ...
    git status
    git add <changed files>
    git commit -m "MESSAGE"

    #  When ready, make a patch (set)
    git  format-patch --signoff -M

    #  Submit all git 000-* patches
    #  to Debian BTS
    #  or send to

If you are a developer, or otherwise deal with bug reports, you may find Colin Watson's blog "about how to treat bugs reports" interesting.

Helping Debian packages

The following list is only an excerpt.

Debian project

External Projects

IRC/Bug reporter nick: jaalto

Contributed patches and fixes to numerous Open Source projects during past years, those of Emacs, XEmacs, Perl Language itself, Git, Bzr, Quilt, Parted, Splint, GNU gdb, GNU binutils, GNU findutils, GNU groff, GNU Bash, OpenSwan etc. Check Google and Gmane lists for "Jari Aalto".


Open Source Author, Developer, Package porter/maintainer, Project Manager since 1994 at Sourceforge, Savannah, Ubuntu Launchpad, Cygwin. See for more information.

Mainained Debian packages (77 to 100 items) during 2006-2018

List of packages (PDF)

List of packages: pictures in PNG-format (1) (2)