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 * Emacspeak, diagnose this hard to reproduce problem, with ediff and max lisp nesting level.  * Emacspeak, ediff and max lisp nesting level, [[http://jarek.katowice.pl/other/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=63|private #63]]

I am a developer, open source enthusiast. Currently I put my efforts in improving accessibility oriented open source software, specifically eyes-free computing software. Main projects for me in this area are gnome-orca and emacspeak, especially Windows port (emacspeakwin at sf).

I use Windows 7 64-bit at work and 32-bit Debian unstable at home. So these are the environments I can test things on.


  • Emacspeak, ediff and max lisp nesting level, private #63

  • Accerciser, started to crash when selecting an object, Debian bug #745251

  • Webkit, solve yelp links on gnome-help page, they are not accessible now: webkit bug #130941, similar reports: webkit bug #131933, webkit bug #132349

  • Speech-dispatcher, diagnose problems reported by David from Chromevox on 2014-04-23.
  • Write ?DiagnosingYelpAccessibilityProblems

  • Firefox #743580, fix atk-bridge not loaded. Additionally have a look at: (1) /m/usr/src/mozilla/accessible/src/atk/Platform.cpp:LoadGtkModule - duplicating path /usr/lib, (2) why /usr/local/lib not added in nsprpub/pr/src/linking/prlink.c:PR_GetLibraryPath. Now the bug filed on Debian as #743440.

  • Emacs: my bugs

  • Yelp: port to WebKit2, bug #686376

some of the old todos

pages that I maintain




  • Competent in Java and C.
  • Wrote a couple of lines in python, php, bash, vba, elisp.

Environments, libraries

  • Notable experience in Java Swing, mingw builds, win32 api.
  • Familiar with xsl.