After several years only benefiting from other people's work on Debian, I'm finally starting to contribute back! ;-) I packaged a Scanning Probe Microscopy analysis software - Gwyddion. This turned out to be the tough way to learn packaging. But it was not impossible... ;-) Some time ago I stumbled upon Bibus, a reference management database working well together with That has become my second package, see the Debian page about it. You are very welcome to test these packages and report any problems you may find via BTS!

If you are interested in more details, have a look at my website

CheCoRi - Check source files for copyright information

During the packaging I noted, that it is not really easy to compile a complete debian/copyright file ;-). I wrote a quick'n'dirty python script to help me collecting and preformatting most of the information in the format proposed on Proposals/CopyrightFormat. I would like to share this with you, so that you maybe will have a somewhat easier life. Please do not trust this script! It's just a small helper - it doesn't do everything for you! It's report may be incomplete and wrong - in parts.

Having said this, just go ahead, download, rename it to and try it in your source tree: Go to its top directory and run

and have a look, what it will contain. It may contain nothing - in this case, you will have to work your way through the script and modify it for your needs! Good luck with this! ;-)

Constructive feedback via the eMail address given in the script is very much appreciated!


In the meantime, I learned about the licensecheck script, contained in the devscripts-package. It is, of course, way more professional and advanced. It can also output copyright information via the --copyright switch. On the other hand, it lacks the ability of output formatting...

So, in an ideal world, I would simply go ahead and combine both scripts. In reality, my perl is quite bad and spare time really rare, so this will take some time... Maybe somebody else can step up and do this???