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Here is a quick presentation of Jabber and Jabber communities around Debian.


Jabber is an open instant messaging protocol based on “Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol” (a.k.a. XMPP).

Jabber Client

To join a conference or chat room you'll need a client software. Debian is shipped with several of them, run apt(itude)? or debtags (?learn more about Debtags) to make your choice :

apt-cache search jabber

aptitude search "~djabber ~snet ~dclient"

debtags search "protocol::jabber && network::client"

For a list of available clients, see JabberClients.

Official Debian chat rooms

Official debian conference server is

Non Official Debian chat rooms on Jabber

Here is a list of rooms in different languages. There is no room for your own language in that list? Feel free to add new rooms details. If there isn't, you can create your own and put together a community, Jabber is open, Jabber is easy ;-) .

How to get help on Jabber

The sames rules apply to Jabber, IRC and mailing list. Please refer to "On getting help with IRC" wiki page for instance.

Here is a quick summary of the main points :

You may read that famous how-to about “How to ask questions the smart way”.

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