JACK provides a basic infrastructure for audio applications to communicate with each other and with audio hardware. Through JACK, users are enabled to build powerful systems for signal processing and music production.


Install the jackd2 package.


JACK provides a patch bay similar to physical patch panels found in A/V installations. The patch bay can be used to quickly change interconnections between program inputs and outputs, allowing simple to complex routing of Sound and control signals such as MIDI.


jackd is better run with realtime priorities.

Realtime possibilities are included in the mainline kernel, so you don't need a custom kernel.

During installation, jackd2 asks whether you want to modify /etc/security/limits.d/audio to bring realtime priorities to the audio group (which is usually fine for a single user desktop usage).

You can re-run dpkg-reconfigure jackd2 later if you need.


As a start, you can manage jackd and your audio channels with the qjackctl software.

Debian-specific information

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