Welcome to my user page! I'm Iván Hdez. Cazorla (Ivanhercaz), history student at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and passionate of free content and software, what I tried to improve with my knowledges and spread in my field. I'm not a professional developer but I'm interested on web development and everything about Internet since I was young, so I try to apply my knowledges on my academic discipline and my collaboration on another projects (like Wikimedia projects). Nowadays I'm trying to learn Python to extract and use data useful on my academics works or another tasks.

Collaboration in Debian Wiki

I think that the best way to improve (in my case) to Debian Project is translating wiki pages from another languages to Spanish (my native language). It could made Debian more accessible and attractive to more Spanish speakers. So my aim is try to translate everything in this wiki to Spanish (bit by bit!). At this moment I have translated:

Pending taks/translations/works

If you have found some error in one of my editions, please fix it or contact with me to solve it! I'm sure that together we can build a better wiki even more.

Collaboration in another projects

Nowadays I'm member of Wikimedia España and editor on Wikimedia Projects. You can check my user page on Spanish Wikipedia.