Automatically renaming network interfaces

The kernel automatically assigns names to network interfaces when they are first instantiated. For people who roam or hotplug network devices this results in non-deterministic naming of interfaces. In order to have interface names that are consistent, it is possible to rename them based on various properties (MAC address of device, ESSID of wireless network, etcetera). However renaming is only possible before a network interface is brought up. There is only a small window between network device detection and configuration where it can be renamed. The point in time of detection and configuration depends on the method used. There can also be different mechanisms to do the renaming. The current status is that interface renaming does not work well for everyone.

245435, 267007, 291111, 294111, 294180

hotplug, ifrename, ifplugd, ifupdown, udev, waproamd

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