After a while with headaches and constant research I finally got to install the latest ATI/RADEON legacy driver into my Vaio laptop running Debian Wheezy. FYI and reference the video adapter is a Mobility HD 4650.

So , here you go my short tutorial:

1 - Download the driver

Download the driver from AMD (Legacy or not) and extract it to a proper folder (in this example I used amd):

~$ ./ --extract amd

2 - Download the patch:

3 - Appling the patches:

Copy all the files that contains ".patch" extension to the root of your extracted ATI/RADEON driver folder. One by one patches, use the following command line to apply the patch at the root of your extracted driver folder:

patch -p0 < ./whatever-patch-name.patch


patch -p0 < ./arch-fglrx-3.7.patch

patch -p0 < ./arch-fglrx-3.8.patch

patch -p0 < ./3.5-do_mmap.patch

patch -p0 < ./makefile_compat.patch

patch -p0 < ./arch-fglrx-authatieventsd.patch

4 - Install the driver:

After apply the patches you don't need to repack into a .deb or another package you can just go straight and install the driver through the following command line:

~$ sudo ./ --install

After installing proceed with the following line:

~$ sudo amdconfig --initial

Just in case you are a lazzy guy and don't wanna patch by yourself, you can go straight to my already patched amd legacy driver here:

So you can start from the step "4 - Install the driver"

Have fun!!

Erick Will