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See also [:Embedded_Debian:Embedded Debian]

On Architecture

Contributing / Editing

TODO & BUG of DebianOn Project

TODO: Review DebianOn Pages

The DebianOn pages should be reviewed by a native English Speakers

TODO: Choose a name

Find a good name (and Logo) for DebianOn.. Any idea ? Suggestion ?

TODO: Choose a Namespace

Typically, this could be

TODO : Debian versions Consideration

With each release, Debian gets better hardware. Therefore installation status and procedures varies. How to address this situation ?

Debian release should be named after their nickname (i.e etch) and not life cycle (so we don't have update every single page when a new version is released).

TODO : Discussion for PageFragments

How to link to Discussion page for "included" ?PageFragments ?

TODO : List of usable Page Fragments

How to list/Index Page-Fragments a writer could use for a particular report

TODO : d-i cooperation

//ask d-i team to suggest installation-report'ers to contribute a page to DebianOn//

TODO : Write a Press Release

//ask for help on debian-publicity mailing list ?// Actually, there's a chicken and egg problem here: We shouldn't advertize DebianOn

TODO : DevOnDeb Project

Consider starting a "Device [works] On Debian" twin-project.

TODO: Forum

Idea from Mikael Dalle : Some wikis have some forum built-in, that allow visitors to read and post comments easily.

Could it be possible to do something similar with moinmoin ?

TODO: Statistics

Statistics would be helpful (to make sure the page provide proper answer to the most searched keywords.)