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||<tablestyle="width: 100%;" style="border: 0px hidden">~-Translation(s): none-~ ||<style="text-align: right; border: 0px hidden"> (!) [:/Discussion:Discussion]|| ||<tablestyle="width: 100%;" style="border: 0px hidden">~-Translation(s): [:pt_BR/InstallingDebianOn: Brasileiro] - [:InstallingDebianOn: English]-~ ||<style="text-align: right; border: 0px hidden"> (!) [:/Discussion:Discussion]||

Translation(s): [:pt_BR/InstallingDebianOn: Brasileiro] - [:InstallingDebianOn: English]

(!) [:/Discussion:Discussion]



If you want to contribute, you should read [:InstallingDebianOn/HowToContribute:?HowTo Contribute] and see also [:InstallingDebianOn/Ratings:Rating]


Computer brands

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Acer:Acer]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Apple:Apple]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Asus:Asus]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Bull:Bull]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Compaq:Compaq]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Dell:Dell]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Fujitsu:Fujitsu]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/HP:HP (Hewlett Packard)]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Intel:Intel]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/IBM:IBM]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/MSI:MSI]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Samsung:Samsung]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Sun:Sun]

  • [:InstallingDebianOn/Thinkpad:Thinkpad] (IBM and Lenovo)


Non computer (embedded..)

  • [:DebianOnHandhelds: Hand-helds] Capable of running Debian

  • [:DebianWRT: Wireless routers] Capable of running Debian (WRT..)
  • ["VideoGameConsole"], Capable of running Debian, like PS3, Xbox... (none yet)

See also:

  • [:Embedded_Debian:Embedded Debian]
  • ["Handheld"] pages.
  • Martin Michlmayr (an active developer involved in porting Debian on "small" devices, has many information about supported devices on his [http://www.cyrius.com/debian/ homepage].


Official Documentation

Installation Guide, take 5 minutes to:

Then, there is also:

  • [:DebianInstaller/FAQ:Debian-Installer FAQ] ?BR common questions and answers

  • [:DebianInstaller:Debian-Installer Wiki] ?BRcommunity maintained documentation

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