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## page was renamed from InstallingDebianOn/FrontPage

["?DebianWikiTopics"] > DebianOn



Computer brands

  • [:Installing_Debian_On/Thinkpad: Thinkpad] (IBM and Lenovo)

  • [:Installing_Debian_On/HP: Hewlett Packard (HP)]

Non computer (embedded..)

  • [:DebianOnHandhelds: Hand-helds] Capable of running Debian

  • [:DebianWRT: Wireless routers] Capable of running Debian (WRT..)
  • [:VideoGameConsole: Video Game Consoles] Capable of running Debian (PS3, Xbox..)

See also [:Embedded_Debian:Embedded Debian] pages.

On Architecture

  • [:DebianOnPowerPC:Power PC]

  • [:SparcInstallationNotes:Sparc]

Contributing / Editing

  • If you want to contribute, you should read [:Installing_Debian_On/HowToContribute:Installing Debian On/HowTo Contribute]


Official Documentation

If you read only one document before installing, read the [http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/apa Installation Howto], a quick walkthrough of the installation process. Other useful documentation includes:


TODO & BUG of DebianOn Project

TODO: Review DebianOn Pages

The DebianOn pages should be reviewed by a native English Speakers

TODO: Choose a name

Find a good name (and Logo) for DebianOn.. Any idea ? Suggestion ?

  • DebianOn : short name. Easy to remember. "On" make "it works".

  • DebiOn : short name. Easy to remember. sounds too similar to debiAn. also spelling is confusing (might use Debi'On)

  • iDo (or !.D.O.): for Install Debian On. short name. The I (= myself) might not be the best choice for community project.

  • Ideo (or I.D'O') : short name. Easy to remember. sounds both like Idea and Ideal.

  • IdLO : for Install Debian Linux On.