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== TODO: Choose a Namespace ==
 * Pages titles should be chosen carefully, as they are important to both human and search engine.
 * Under moinmoin wiki, the page name is the same as the page title (which is a good thing).
 * Moinmoin search keyword in page titles by default, so Installing_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620(etch) has more change to match what user wants.
 * The namespace is how people understand the site organisation.
#### DONE #### * some wiki features might work with !DebianOnThinkpadT60 but not with Debian_On_Thinkpad_T60 or with Debian/On/Thinkpad/T60 (like managing attachment, finding !PageFragment, using variables, using built-in search ... see [wiki:MoinMoin:HelpOnEditing/SubPages SubPages])
#### DONE #### * some wiki features might work with !DebianOnThinkpadT60 but not with Debian_On_Thinkpad_T60 (or with Debian/On/Thinkpad/T60 )
  * Automatic linking of "Wiki_Page_With_Space" doesn't work (Not sure should be considered a bug;)
  * Searching ''!WikiPage'' works, searching ''Wiki_Page'' doesn't work at all, searching ''Wiki Page'' returns all page with ''Wiki'' or ''Page'', searching ''"Wiki Page"'' works fine (see [wiki:MoinMoin:MoinMoinBugs/UnderscoreAndTitleSearch UnderscoreAndTitleSearch] )
Typically, the namespace could be could be
  * Install_Debian_On/Dell - Manufacturer homepage. State Linux support (we can link "Dell" to "Install_Debian_On/Dell")
  * Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude - Optional page
#### DONE:Page should be created with Debian name in it #### * Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620 ''- the page "How to install Debian on Dell Latitude D620"'' [[BR]] '' Later, it would possible to split it for different Debian version (+ redirection from old page) ''
   * Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620(etch)
   * Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620(lenny) ''Even if it event released yet''
  * Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620/Discussion ''- Page comments, discussions...''
  * Install_Debian_On/!PageFragment_Cpufrequtils_!BaseConfig ''- "Page fragment" are to be Included only''
  * Install_Debian_On/Dell/!PageFragment_Mydellspecificdevice(etch)
  * Install_Debian_On/Dell/!PageFragment_Mydellspecificdevice(etch)/Discussion
  * Installing Debian On/Ratings/!CategoryEtchRatedThreeStars '' - This IS a category AND a page fragment''

["?DebianWikiTopics"] > DebianOn



Computer brands

  • [:Installing_Debian_On/Thinkpad: Thinkpad] (IBM and Lenovo)

  • [:Installing_Debian_On/HP: Hewlett Packard (HP)]

Non computer (embedded..)

  • [:DebianOnHandhelds: Hand-helds] Capable of running Debian

  • [:DebianWRT: Wireless routers] Capable of running Debian (WRT..)
  • [:VideoGameConsole: Video Game Consoles] Capable of running Debian (PS3, Xbox..)

See also [:Embedded_Debian:Embedded Debian] pages.

On Architecture

  • [:DebianOnPowerPC:Power PC]

  • [:SparcInstallationNotes:Sparc]

Contributing / Editing

  • If you want to contribute, you should read DebianOn's [:Installing_Debian_On/HowToContribute:How To Contribute]

TODO & BUG of DebianOn Project

TODO: Review DebianOn Pages

The DebianOn pages should be reviewed by a native English Speakers

TODO: Choose a name

Find a good name (and Logo) for DebianOn.. Any idea ? Suggestion ?

  • DebianOn : short name. Easy to remember. "On" make "it works".

  • DebiOn : short name. Easy to remember. sounds too similar to debiAn. also spelling is confusing (might use Debi'On)

  • iDo (or !.D.O.): for Install Debian On. short name. The I (= myself) might not be the best choice for community project.

  • Ideo (or I.D'O') : short name. Easy to remember. sounds both like Idea and Ideal.

  • IdLO : for Install Debian Linux On.