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||[[Include(Installing_Debian_On/PageFragments/Philosophy)]]|| ||<tablestyle="width:100%" style="width:96px;border-right-style:none">inline:DebianOn_CommunityGuides.png||<style="border-left-style:none">[[Include(Installing_Debian_On/PageFragments/Philosophy)]]||

["?DebianWikiTopics"] > DebianOn




Sorted by brand

  • [:DebianOnDell: Dell]

  • [:Installing_Debian_On/Thinkpad: Thinkpad] from IBM and Lenovo
  • [:?DebianOnVaio: Sony Vaio]

  • [:Installing_Debian_On/LG: LG Electronics]
  • [:Installing_Debian_On/Samsung: Samsung]
  • [:Installing_Debian_On/HP: Hewlett Packard (HP)]

Non computer (embedded..)

  • [:DebianOnHandhelds: Hand-helds] Capable of running Debian

  • [:DebianWRT: WRT ] wireless routers

See also [:Embedded_Debian:Embedded Debian]

On Architecture

  • [:DebianOnPowerPC:Power PC]

Contributing / Editing

  • If you want to contribute, you should read DebianOn's [:Installing_Debian_On/HowToContribute:How To Contribute]

TODO & BUG of DebianOn Project

TODO: Review DebianOn Pages

The DebianOn pages should be reviewed by a native English Speakers

TODO: Choose a name

Find a good name (and Logo) for DebianOn.. Any idea ? Suggestion ?

  • DebianOn : short name. Easy to remember. "On" make "it works".

  • ?DebiOn : short name. Easy to remember. confusing name (might use Debi'On)

TODO: Choose a Namespace

  • under moinmoin, the page name is the same as the page's title. Since page titles is very important for search engines (when ranking a page), the page names shouldn't use CamelCase, but Camel_Case, or Camel/Case (googling "Front Page" site:wiki.debian.org is more effective than "FrontPage" site:wiki.debian.org)

  • moinmoin wiki search keyword in page titles by default, so Installing_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620 has more change to match what user wants. (Whoever, the "Installing Debian" prefix might quickly become an overloaded namespace)
  • The namespace is how people understand the site organisation.
  • some wiki features might work with DebianOnThinkpadT60 but not with Debian_On_Thinkpad_T60 or with Debian/On/Thinkpad/T60 (like managing attachment, finding PageFragment, using variables, using built-in search ... see [http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnEditing/SubPages])

  • some wiki features might work with DebianOnThinkpadT60 but not with Debian_On_Thinkpad_T60 (or with Debian/On/Thinkpad/T60 )

    • Automatic linking of "Wiki_Page_With_Space" doesn't work (Not sure should be considered a bug;)
    • Searching '?WikiPage works, searching Wiki_Page doesn't work at all, searching Wiki Page returns all page with Wiki or Page, searching "Wiki Page" works fine.

Typically, this could be

  • Install_Debian_On/Dell - Manufacturer homepage. State Linux support (we can link "Dell" to "Install_Debian_On/Dell")
  • Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude - Optional page
  • Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620
  • Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620/!?MoreInformationAndComments

  • Install_Debian_On/!?PageFragment_!Cpufrequtils_BaseConfig - To be Included only

  • Install_Debian_On/Dell/!?PageFragment_Mydellspecificdevice - To be Included only

  • Install_Debian_On/Dell/PageFragment_?MyDellSpecificdevice/MoreInformationAndComments

TODO : Debian versions Consideration

With each release, Debian gets better hardware. Therefore installation status and procedures varies. How to address this situation ?

  • 1.Contribution for testing.
    • Some people don't run stable. Why prevent them from contributing ?
    • Testing version will become stable someday. It's best to have our installation-guides ready that day.
    2.Contribution for unstable.
    • Why prevent them from contributing ?
    • Unstable version will become testing someday.
    • Unstable is both a fast moving target, and at the same time it is usually often very close to testing version.
    3.Single page for stable+testing versus one page for each.
    • Pros:
      • Less page to maintain
      • Web site layout is clearer.
      • Some hints from one version might apply to newer/older version.
      • Such two-in-one page are more complete, even if there might be some inaccuracy versions.
      • A new comment is contributed to both stable and testing
    • Cons:
      • stable and testing contribution might get mixed, causing inaccuracy and user confusion.
      • Page gets overloaded if the procedure is significantly different for stable and testing version.

Debian release should be named after their nickname (i.e etch) and not life cycle (so we don't have update every single page when a new version is released).

TODO : Discussion for PageFragments

How to link to Discussion page for "included" ?PageFragments ?

  • link to the fragment/Discussion sub-page
  • link to the current page/Discussion sub-page

TODO : List of usable Page Fragments

How to list/Index Page-Fragments a writer could use for a particular report

  • Authors will want to know the list of available page fragment, in order to know which i he/she can reuse in his/her page.
  • This involves listing 4 sets of fragments :
    • Fragments that are useful for any installation (like how to add "non-free" apt-source).
    • Fragments that are useful for a computer brand (how to enable ibm_acpi)
    • Fragments that are useful for a brand's family (How to configure the keyboard on XX).

TODO : d-i cooperation

//ask d-i team to suggest installation-report'ers to contribute a page to DebianOn//

TODO : Write a Press Release

//ask for help on debian-publicity mailing list ?// Actually, there's a chicken and egg problem here: We shouldn't advertize DebianOn

TODO : DevOnDeb Project

Consider starting a "Device [works] On Debian" twin-project.

TODO: Forum

Idea from Mikael Dalle : Some wikis have some forum built-in, that allow visitors to read and post comments easily.

Could it be possible to do something similar with moinmoin ?

  • We might "Include" the three first comments of the /Discussion page within the current viewed page ?

TODO: Statistics

Statistics would be helpful (to make sure the page provide proper answer to the most searched keywords.)