DebianOn is an effort to document how to install, configure and use Debian on some specific hardware. Therefore potential buyers would know if that hardware is supported and owners would know how get the best out of that hardware.

The purpose is not to duplicate the Debian Official Documentation, but to document how to install Debian on some specific hardware.

If you need help to get Debian running on your hardware, please have a look at our user support channels where you may find specific channels (mailing list, IRC channel) dedicated to certain types of hardware.

Librem 5

The Librem 5 is a phone running a Debian derivative named PureOS that is designed for all open software and hardware. It is manufactured by Purism.

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If something isn't working for you, you can get in contact with Mobian developers and the Mobian community in various ways. All of them are listed here.

Root Access

The phone comes with a terminal emulator built in, you can run sudo bash to get root. Then after changing the password for the default user account (purism on PureOS, mobian on Mobian) you can run apt install openssh-server to enable remote logins. After that it can be run just like any other Debian system.

Reflashing the Phone

Install flashing tools

Install librem5-flash-image from contrib. To be able to flash arbitrary images (Mobian, PureOS, your own?) as described below, you'll need to:

Download necessary bits


System image

Prepare the files

Create a ${FLASH_DATA_DIR} directory with the following contents:

Put the phone in download mode

As the flashing script will remind you, you need to:

Perform the flash

Now run:

$ librem5-flash-image --skip-download --board librem5r4 --dir ${FLASH_DATA_DIR} 

You need to adapt the --board argument to your actual model. At the time of the writing the following boards and phone revisions are supported:

Upstream Documentation (for PureOS)

How To Reflash