DebianOn is an effort to document how to install, configure and use Debian on some specific hardware. Therefore potential buyers would know if that hardware is supported and owners would know how get the best out of that hardware.

The purpose is not to duplicate the Debian Official Documentation, but to document how to install Debian on some specific hardware.

If you need help to get Debian running on your hardware, please have a look at our user support channels where you may find specific channels (mailing list, IRC channel) dedicated to certain types of hardware.


  1. Support

PineTab-V is a RISC-V tablet built by Pine64 to run Linux distributions.


It uses the JH7110 SoC and the support in the linux kernel has been upstreamed:


PineTab-V is not supported yet. Support is being added by the Mobian team.

You can get in contact with Mobian developers and the Mobian community in various ways. All of them are listed here.