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 * [[InstallingDebianOn/Marvell/ESPRESSOBin|ESPRESSOBin]]: a board featuring the ARMADA 3700 chip.  * [[InstallingDebianOn/Marvell/ESPRESSOBin|ESPRESSOBin]]: a board featuring the ARMADA 3720 chip.

Marvell has several ARM-based system on chip (SoC) platforms which are supported in Debian.

32-bit ARM

Marvell's Orion and Kirkwood are supported in Debian's armel port. There is support for plug computers and for a number of consumer NAS devices, such as some QNAP devices.

Marvell's ARMADA 3xx and ARMADA XP are supported by the armhf port. Debian supports some NAS devices from Seagate, including the Seagate Personal Cloud, and the Turris Omnia router.

64-bit ARM

Marvell has a number of 64-bit ARM platforms that can run Debian's arm64 port.

Products based on 64-bit Marvell's ARMADA include: