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## page was renamed from InstallingDebianOn/Loongson2K1000

Lemote Loongson 2K1000

Board Specifications

  • Size: 120mm*120mm
  • Power: 12V 3A
  • CPU: Loongson 2K1000 SoC
  • RAM: on-board 2GB DDR3
  • BIOS: 1MB (8Mb) SPI Flash
  • GPIO: 27x 2.54mm
  • NIC: 2x Gig Ports
  • PCIe: 1x PCIe X1, 1x mini-PCIe
  • EJTAG: yes
  • USB: USB 2.0, 2x Type-A, 1x MicroUSB with OTG
  • Console: 1x RS232, 2x TTL, 115200
  • Media: 1x HDMI, 1x 3.5mm, 1x 54pin DVO
  • Storage: 1x M.2 2242 (SATA only)

CPU Specifications

  • Core: 2
  • 64bit: yes
  • FPU: yes
  • ISA: MIPS32r2, MIPS64r2, MIPS MSA, Loongson-MMI
  • GPU: Vivante GC1000 Series


  • Kernel: upstream work in progress, please use the prebuilt vmlinuz for the moment.
    • WIP upstream tree Be aware that using this tree requires flashing a different PMON, see below.

  • PMON:
  • Compatible with stock DebianBuster mips64el userland

  • Compatible with GCC9+ -march=gs264e
  • M.2 2242 port supports only SATA (hardware limit), mini-PCIe port can be used for NVMe M.2 disks (but notice the size) after kernel boot



System Summary

Reinstalling Software

Pre-built images are available at https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/loongson/install/ and https://mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/loongson/install/

1. Download an image for the board, e. g.: wget https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/loongson/install/loongson64_debian10_en_20200525.zip

2. Mount USB media with FAT32 filesystem (readme.utf8.txt says that the size of USB media should not be more than 2GB, but 32GB worked for me without resizing the primary partition), e. g.: sudo mount -o uid=1000 /dev/sdb1 /mnt/disk

3. Unzip the downloaded image to the root directory of your USB media, e. g.: unzip loongson64_debian10_en_20200525.zip -d /mnt/disk

4. Sync and unmount your USB media, e. g.: sync; sudo umount /mnt/disk

5. Insert the USB media into your Loongson board and power the board on

6. Select 'usb install loongson-2k' in board's bootload menu

7. The image should be detected and you will be prompted to proceed twice (the first time is for approving the detected image, and the second time to approve erasing the data on your board's disk)

8. Wait for about 5 minutes and reboot the board after getting "please reboot" message