The ?KuroboxPro is a NAS device that has a SoC with ARM device running the ARMv5 instruction set. It is supported by Debian's armel distribution for many releases now (at least since 6.0, if not longer) and it runs the orion5x flavor of the linux-kernel package.

Upon a sucessful Debian installation, it uses the (factory) preinstalled U-boot bootloader to load both the kernel and the respective initrd from the device's HDD.

Hardware details

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Current status

At the current time (2016-03-02), it works with both Debian 8 (stable), running kernel linux-image-3.16.0-4-orion5x and with Debian's testing/sid, running with kernel linux-image-4.4.0-1-marvell (but with supporting package flash-kernel version 3.59).

It is worth noting the change in the suffix of the kernel packages names containing the Linux image from -orion5x to -marvell. The current -orion5x package has just become a transitional package that pulls in the -marvell kernel, transparently for the user.

Installation instructions

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