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New Hardware list updated, as of 12-10-2011




Input Devices


IDE Disks

SCSI Disks

product: WDC WD3200BEVT-6 vendor: Western Digital bus info: scsi@0:0.0.0 logical name: /dev/sda version: 12.0 serial: WD-WXE708FS6840 size: 298GiB (320GB)

product: INTEL SSDSA2CW16 bus info: scsi@1:0.0.0 logical name: /dev/sdb version: 4PC1 serial: CVPR1110042N160DGN size: 149GiB (160GB)

product: DVDRAM GSA-T50L vendor: HL-DT-ST bus info: scsi@4:0.0.0 logical name: /dev/cdrom logical name: /dev/cdrw logical name: /dev/dvd logical name: /dev/dvdrw logical name: /dev/scd0 logical name: /dev/sr0 version: SC04 capabilities: support is removable, Audio CD playback, CD-R burning, CD-RW burning, DVD playback, DVD-R burning, DVD-RAM burning

Operating System





00:00 PNP0a08 (unknown)

00:01 PNP0c02 Motherboard resources

00:02 PNP0200 AT DMA controller

00:03 PNP0b00 AT real-time clock

00:04 PNP0103 High-Precision Event Timer

00:05 PNP0c04 Math coprocessor

00:06 INT0800 (unknown)

00:07 PNP0303 IBM enhanced keyboard (101/102-key, PS/2 mouse support)

00:08 SYN0156 (unknown)

00:09 HPQ0004 (unknown)

00:0a ENE0100 (unknown)

Status report

i installed Sid AMD64 using netinstall in parallel to ms(tm) vista (that came with the laptop)

xorg's nv works fine BUT to get full 3D with latest KDE 4.4.5 i used Nvidia's latest proprietary drivers which works just fine !!! :)

to get the wireless i had to use Broadcom's proprietary wl kernel module (compiled from sources)

HP Webcam (Feiya) seems to work out of the box with Flash Player 10 64bit beta and Ekiga 2 (after installing v4l2 : libpt2.4.2-plugin-v4l2)

Recently (11-2010), i got a Wacom Bamboo (CTH-460)

 usb 8-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 3
 usb 8-1: New USB device found, idVendor=056a, idProduct=00d1
 usb 8-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
 usb 8-1: Product: CTH-460
 usb 8-1: Manufacturer: Wacom Co.,Ltd.
 input: Wacom BambooFun 2FG 4x5 Pen as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.3/usb8/8-1/8-1:1.0/input/input43
 input: Wacom BambooFun 2FG 4x5 Finger as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.3/usb8/8-1/8-1:1.1/input/input44

Since the current wacom.ko that comes with kernel 2.6.36 (trunk) does not support CTH-460 (056a:00d1) module, i had to compile it from sources: linuxwacom and "fix" the linuxwacom-0.8.8-10/src/2.6.30/wacom_wac.c (comment out lines: 205-211 , 846-852) for it to compile.

also, download and compile from sources the xf86-input-wacom driver which is the wacom-specific X11 input driver for the X.Org X Server version 1.7 and later (i use 1.9.2). setup xorg.conf. restart X... awesome :-)

some configuration files excerpts

xorg's xorg.conf (nvidia section):

Section "Device"

Identifier "Device0" 
Driver "nvidia" 
VendorName  "NVIDIA Corporation"
BusID   "PCI:1:0:0"

# compiz(fusion) recommands for nvidia
 Option "RenderAccel" "True"
 Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals"  "True"
 Option "DamageEvents" "True"
 Option "UseEvents" "False"
 Option "TripleBuffer" "True"
 Option "BackingStore" "True"
 Option "NoLogo" "True"
 Option "UseCompositeWrapper" "True"
 Option "AllowIndirectPixmaps" "True"
 Option "PixmapCacheRoundSizeKB" "2000"
 Option "OnDemandVBlankInterrupts" "True"

and have this command issue on system startup too:

nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2 -a GlyphCache=1 

to enable some multimedia keys:

xmodmap -e "keycode 115 = Meta_L"
xmodmap -e "keycode 174 = XF86AudioLowerVolume"
xmodmap -e "keycode 176 = XF86AudioRaiseVolume"
xmodmap -e "keycode 160 = XF86AudioMute"

not working (update! Working!)

Update: (11-2010) After upgrading the kernel to 2.6.36 and xorg to 1.9.2 and probably some other elements (udev maybe?)... I got the irda remote to work without any configurations. here are the lines from xorg.log file:

 (II) config/udev: Adding input device ENE eHome Infrared Remote Receiver (/dev/input/event9)
 (**) ENE eHome Infrared Remote Receiver: Applying InputClass "evdev keyboard catchall"
 (**) ENE eHome Infrared Remote Receiver: always reports core events
 (**) ENE eHome Infrared Remote Receiver: Device: "/dev/input/event9"
 (--) ENE eHome Infrared Remote Receiver: Found keys
 (II) ENE eHome Infrared Remote Receiver: Configuring as keyboard
 (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "ENE eHome Infrared Remote Receiver" (type: KEYBOARD)

I am keeping the following lines in case some one search for this info on google.

irda is not working and i acctually have no idea how to make it work too. i read allot of wep pages and tried several kernel drivers but nothing. similar modules of hd pavilion report success with other irda devices i guess it is in reach, but since i do not use it daily... i let it go (for now)

this is what i get out of lspnp:

00:0a ENE0100 (unknown)
    state = active
        io 0xfd60-0xfd63
        irq 4

it has the following ids on the back of the remote:

3139 228 53391
hp sps : 464793-001
hp: hstnn-pro7
RC6 (ir)
cp11 50837 c149809 rev b

to be continued :) (really!)