==ACPI scripts for brightness==

I actually tried the scripts you provided, they do not work. I'm not sure if there is a syntax error in the event scripts I provided, but they did work. The provided action script did not work. Started in dash it produces those errors.

# ./hpbright.sh down
./hpbright.sh: 4: ./hpbright2.sh: bri--: not found
sh: echo: I/O error
# ./hpbright.sh up
./hpbright.sh: 3: ./hpbright2.sh: bri++: not found
sh: echo: I/O error

I don't know if the event file should not be written using sh syntax. I got the idea from the arch-wikis.

Long story short, my version does work to change the brightness in openbox and tty. Therefore I just assume, that my script (as it does what its supposed to do) should be preferred to the current one. -- SteHei 2014-02-10 21:15:33