-- SalokineTerata ?DateTime(2007-11-19T20:28:26Z)

FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-11-19T08:10:47Z)

-- SalokineTerata ?DateTime(2007-11-18T21:12:17Z)

Should PageFragment use PCI ids, or device "name" ? ?BRthe same applies to USB

For example : "!InstallingDebianOn/!PageFragmentIntelIpw3945/etch" vs "InstallingDebian On/!?PageFragment_PCI_8086-4227"



-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-19T09:03:29Z)

fixed bug described below about final parenthesis in URL that aren't properly detected by wiki and MUA.?BR i.e. Switched namespace from "(etch)" to "/etch" notation in URLs.

-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-19T09:03:29Z)

namespace problem: i have noticed a problem, with URLs like "http://w.d.org/Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620(etch)" will be broken when emailed by most MUA and wikis...?BR that's because "intelligent" algorithm that convert URL into active links ... but drops the final ")". -- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-18T21:45:40Z)

Namespace : the current namespace "Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620(etch)" seems good now.?BR I'll go for that. -- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-17T17:37:17Z)

Namespace : DO add codename to installation guide page name, like "!InstallDebianOn/Dell/!?LatitudeD620(etch)". Therefore :

-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-17T17:24:00Z)

Updating parent namespace from "DebianOn" to "Installing_Debian_On" (see [:InstallingDebianOn:FrontPage]) -- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-05-30T06:11:59Z)

That's it. The four first pages are created, which makes the basic structure of DebianOn.

Plus two sample page for ["InstallingDebianOn/Thinkpad"] and ["InstallingDebianOn/Thinkpad/T60/etch"].

I will make the templates later, once i have enough feed-back.

-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-05-27T20:03:21Z)