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## page was renamed from DebianOn/Discussion

["?DebianWikiTopics"] > ["DebianOn"] > [:DebianOn/Discussion:Discussion]

Place new comments at the top

Add new comments, don't edit old ones

Namespace considerations:

  • Page title is very important for search engines (when ranking a page). So page names shouldn't use CamelCase, but Camel_Case, or Camel/Case (Try googling "Front Page" site:wiki.debian.org versus "FrontPage" site:wiki.debian.org)

  • moinmoin wiki only search keyword in titles by default, so Installing_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620 has more change to match than D620)
  • The namespace is how people understand the site organisation (especially when doing a search).
  • some wiki features might work with DebianOnThinkpadT60 but not with Debian_On_Thinkpad_T60 or with Debian/On/Thinkpad/T60 (like moving page, deleting parent page, managing attachment, finding PageFragment, using buil-in search ...)

-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-05-28T23:28:01Z)

That's it. The four first pages are created, which makes the basic structure of DebianOn.

  • [:?DebianOn/FrontPage:FrontPage]

  • [:?DebianOn/HowToContribute:How To Contribute]

Plus two sample page for [?DebianOnThinkpad] and [?DebianOnThinkpadT60].

I will make the templates later, once i have enough feed-back.

-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-05-27T20:03:21Z)