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## page was renamed from Installing Debian On/Discussion
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-- SalokineTerata [[DateTime(2007-11-19T20:28:26Z)]]
 It's right for me. ;)

-- SalokineTerata ?DateTime(2007-11-19T20:28:26Z)

  • It's right for me. ;) Bye.

  • I think it's important that pages names includes the word "Install" (may be more important than the word "Debian" which implicit on this wiki). however I came up with this name name to clarify what it is about : InstallKde vs InstallDell. also, the page name must be renamed to CamelCase. What do you think about it ?

    If the name is fine for you, I'll take care to rename the pages InstallingDebianOn myself.

    Yes, existing pages could be renames under !InstallingDebianOn/Brand/!?ModelName then.

FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-11-19T08:10:47Z)

  • Hi, I would like to import desktop computers and laptops from [:Hardware#computers:Hardware]. Can I do it ? What do you think about to rename Installing_Debian_On/ pages as DebianOn/ ? Bye

-- SalokineTerata ?DateTime(2007-11-18T21:12:17Z)

Should PageFragment use PCI ids, or device "name" ? ?BRthe same applies to USB

For example : "Installing_Debian_On/PageFragment_Intel_ipw3945/etch" vs "Installing Debian On/PageFragment_PCI_8086-4227"


  • PCI ids could be easily and automatically linked from a "hardware database"..
  • many PCI device with different IDs are often configured with the exact same steps under Linux, like intel 1000 network cards..


-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-19T09:03:29Z)

fixed bug described below about final parenthesis in URL that aren't properly detected by wiki and MUA.?BR i.e. Switched namespace from "(etch)" to "/etch" notation in URLs.

-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-19T09:03:29Z)

namespace problem: i have noticed a problem, with URLs like "http://w.d.org/Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620(etch)" will be broken when emailed by most MUA and wikis...?BR that's because "intelligent" algorithm that convert URL into active links ... but drops the final ")". -- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-18T21:45:40Z)

Namespace : the current namespace "Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620(etch)" seems good now.?BR I'll go for that. -- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-17T17:37:17Z)

Namespace : DO add codename to installation guide page name, like "Install_Debian_On/Dell/Latitude_D620(etch)". Therefore :

  • The page remains accurate.
  • People don't post comment that apply to testing inadvertently.

-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-06-17T17:24:00Z)

Updating parent namespace from "DebianOn" to "Installing_Debian_On" (see ["../Frontpage"]) -- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-05-30T06:11:59Z)

That's it. The four first pages are created, which makes the basic structure of DebianOn.

  • [:?DebianOn/FrontPage:FrontPage]

  • [:?DebianOn/HowToContribute:How To Contribute]

Plus two sample page for [?DebianOnThinkpad] and [?DebianOnThinkpadT60].

I will make the templates later, once i have enough feed-back.

-- FranklinPiat ?DateTime(2007-05-27T20:03:21Z)