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 * 2xCPU Quad Core AMD Opteron  * 2x Quad Core AMD Opteron
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 * 4x SAS 300GB 1500K RPM in hardware RAID5
 * 4x4GB RAM DDR2 667Mhz
 * 4x SAS 300GB 1500K RPM in hardware RAID5 via PERC6i
 * 4x 4GB RAM DDR2 667Mhz

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(!) [:/Discussion:Discussion]



Models covered ?BRDell ?PowerEdge 2970

Server Description:

  • 2x Quad Core AMD Opteron
  • 2x Intel 1Gb and 2x Broadcom ?NetExtreme II network cards

  • 4x SAS 300GB 1500K RPM in hardware RAID5 via PERC6i
  • 4x 4GB RAM DDR2 667Mhz


  • During the installation you are required to enter firmware for the broadcom drivers. The firmware is located in a libs folder of pkg:firmware-bnx2. You are requested to download that .deb file, unzip the file requested and put it on a flashdrive from which the installer will get the firmware.
  • Everything else is perfect. The system will run in hardware raid5 configuration thinking it is a single drive.

Core Components


Boot Standard Kernel:

[ {OK} ]

LAN network card:

[ {OK} / {X} ]

Detect CD/DVD:

[ {OK} ]

Detect hard drives:

[ {OK} ]

Extra Features

CPU Frequency Scaling




Sleep / Suspend




- OpenGL


- Resize-and-Rotate(randr)


Switch to External Screen



- Built-in (Trackpoint)


- Built-in (Touchpad)






Keyboard's Hotkeys


Legend :?BR {OK} = OK ; {X} Unsupported(No Driver) ; /!\ = Error (Couldn't get it working); [?] Unknown, Not Test ; [-] Not-applicable ?BR {i} = Configuration Required; X-( = Only works with a proprietary driver

System Summary




# dmidecode 2.9


lsusb -v | grep -E '\<(Bus|iProduct|bDeviceClass|bDeviceProtocol)' 2>/dev/null

USB Host controllers entries (without OHCI, UHCI, EHCI) are removed too.