* Modern motherboard with EFI BIOS - be aware it has it's own mini operating system that can connect to the internet (makes BIOS upgrades easy) and write to any storage device - in other words a proprietary system that could have back-doors etc.



* EFI Bios install failed via PXE boot - had to use thumbdrive. * EFI install - had to turn off security in the BIOS - create a EFI partition during install - This is where the bit that replaces the MBR goes and is not large - Mine was 138k+ - so make the partition some megabytes. * I installed a raid on 2 M.2 drives for the system and a second raid for homes. * I have installed:

Which made booting happy.

* lm-sensors only detects processor core temperatures - non of the others or the fans. Could be this is due to the BIOS or the lack of good APCI drivers? ACPI currently seems to be focused on lap-top power buttons - can't find any docs about fans or temp sensors.