The development of the installer for Sarge was very important and took quite some time.

note: i am no debian-installer developer so perhaps one of them can comment on this

I'm not a d-i developer either but have worked with the team. I think the new installer will be much easier to keep up to date. However it will take significant work, with the rate that hardware is evolving.

One thing I think will be necessary is a process for updating the kernel used in the installer, to cope with newer hardware. This has been the principal problem for people I have introduced to Debian. Usually, changing the kernel is all you have to do - the rest of the software from stable works just fine.

But "usually" isn't quite good enough for debian stable. There are some packages which you must upgrade if you install a new version of the kernel. It would be helpful to enumerate them (in this Wiki would be a start, though this may have been captured already by Nobse, at

The ones I can think of are - mount, discover, hotplug, modutils/module-init-tools and possibly nfs-kernel-server. Not all of these need to be upgraded on every kernel version, but it is usually possible to predict which will.

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