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use of 'debacle'

The use of the term 'debacle' here is potentially offensive to the hackers who have worked on the components concerned. I think it's great that people are pro-actively looking at the infrastructure components and highlighting any problems that they're finding, but it would be appreciated if the effort could be rebranded to something which does not imply carelessness or negligence on the part of your fellow debian contributors. May I suggest '?InstallerHashAudit'? -- JonDowland

It's difficult to scrutinise code while keeping things impersonal. So I used phrasing like "cdebootstrap did not consider this" rather than "the author forgot", for example. The "clickbait" naming was only intended to motivate more people to look at this code where more help is needed right now. If you think it is offensive to the original authors I don't object to you renaming the page; and thanks for having discussed it here before doing so. (p.s., it seems the cdebootstrap bug affects other things than the installer) -- ?StevenChamberlain