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 * [[Teams/DPL/Ideas|DPL ideas]]  * [[Teams/DPL/Ideas|DPL]] (more in platforms in DPL [[https://www.debian.org/vote/|votes]])
 * [[EtchTODOList|Wishlist for etch]]
 * [[DiscussionsAfterLenny|Wishlist around lenny]]
 * [[UsefulImprovements|"Useful improvements"]]
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 * [[SummerOfCode|Google Summer of Code]]
 * [[OutreachProgramForWomen|Outreach Program ForWomen]]
 * [[DebianFrance/NewContributorGame|DebianFrance contribution ideas]]
 * [[PaulWise#wishlist|Ideas from Paul Wise]]
 * Internships: [[SummerOfCode|Google Summer of Code]] [[OutreachProgramForWomen|Outreach Program For Women]] [[Outreachy|Outreachy]] [[DebianFrance/NewContributorGame|DebianFrance contributions]]
 * People: [[http://liw.fi/ideas/|Lars Wirzenius]] [[PaulWise#wishlist|Paul Wise]] [[josch/notes|Johannes Schauer]] [[ProjectWishlist|Gustavo Franco and possibly others]] [[ReproducibleBuilds/Help/h01ger|Holger Levsen's ideas for reproducible builds]] [[https://christian.amsuess.com/idea-incubator/|chrysn]] [[http://sindhus.bitbucket.org/debian-miniconf-2014.html|Sindhu]]
 * [[Hardening/Goals|Hardening]] ([[Hardening/RepoAndImages|repo and images]])
 * [[Services#wishlist|Services]] [[dedup.debian.net#Ideas|dedup.d.n]]
 * Events: [[DebianWomen/Projects/MiniDebconf-Women/2014/AssemblyMinutes|mini-DebConf-women Barcelona 2014]] [[http://gobby.debian.org/export/debconf14/bof/ideas|DebConf14 ideas BoF]] [[DebConf15IdeasBoF|DebConf15 ideas BoF]] [[https://gobby.debian.org/export/debconf16/bof/10,000%20feet|DebConf16 10,000 feet BoF]]
 * [[https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2014/11/msg00009.html|Publicity team ideas]]
 * [[/Ports|Ideas for ports]]
 * [[FPGA/ToDo|FPGAs]]
 * Ideas wiki pages: PrintingDebian
 * [[ReleaseGoals|release goals]] (no longer done by the release team)
 * [[ReleaseProposals|alternate release proposals]]
 * [[BudgetIdeas|Spending money]]

In Debian we have lots of ideas but not enough time to implement them. Here are some lists of ideas that you might want to read and or work on.