Becoming the greatest browser ever very quickly. Uses the gecko rendering engine from Mozilla but puts it in a light weight and fast new interface.

Iceweseal is a fork [from Firefox] in the following senses:

Beyond that, they will be basically identical. (quoting Roberto C. Sanchez post in [ debian-devel] mainling list)

Also note that iceweseal is NOT Iceweasel from [].

In DebianEtch and DebianSid the name of the package is [ iceweasel] (a transitional [ firefox] package exists).

Invoke it using one of this ways:



or simply


For ["Gnome"] launcher, use

 /usr/lib/iceweasel/iceweasel "%s"

to open a concrete page.


The plugin directory is

for more info on iceweasel plugins, refer to the plugins section of the ["Mozilla"] page.

It has ["Javascript"] enabled by default.


  1. My iceweasel is consistently crashing on a website
  2. First run iceweasel without loading any extensions and see if the problem persists. This can be done by using the -safe-mode option

    iceweasel -safe-mode

    mv ~/.mozilla/iceweasel ~/old_iceweasel
    iceweasel &


If you would prefer a different icon for Iceweasel than the one that comes in the Debian package, you can use a script at [] to replace them.

See also

[ Debian HOW-TO : Update iceweasel] explains how to install the latest version of iceweasel from Mozilla