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=== Unsupported Browser Error ===
 *In order to browse websites like mlsni.net which allows Firefox but not Iceweasel, you'll need to change the user agent string of your browser. Look at the section "User Agent String" on how to change the user agent string.

=== No H.264 support in youtube ===
 *In order to watch 720p videos in youtube using HTML5, Gstreamer libav and Gstreamer plugins from the good set must be installed. To install execute the following command.
apt-get install gstreamer1.0-libav gstreamer1.0-plugins-good
 *Make sure about:config settings have ''media.peerconnection.video.h264_enabled'' set to true
 *After installing these codecs the HTML5 player must be requested on the [[https://www.youtube.com/html5|youtube HTML5 website.]]

##== Icons ==
##If you would prefer a different icon for Iceweasel than the one that comes in the Debian package, you can use a script at [http://alphapapa.net/debian/iceweasel/] to replace them.
##That one is funny, but not useful.

Translation(s): English - Français - Italiano - 简体中文 - Русский

Official Iceweasel Icon, used in Debian Package - by Ricardo Fernandez Fuentes (Tri-licensed under Gnu GPL, Gnu LGPL, and Mozilla Public License)

TODO: merge with legacy section of Firefox


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