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Becoming the greatest browser ever very quickly. Uses the gecko rendering engine from Mozilla but puts it in a light weight and fast new interface.

Iceweseal is a fork [from Firefox] in the following senses:
 * no inclusion of trademarked Mozilla artwork
 * backporting of security fixes to declared stable version
Beyond that, they will be basically identical.
(quoting Roberto C. Sanchez post in [http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2006/10/msg00665.html debian-devel] mainling list)

Also note that iceweseal is '''NOT''' Iceweasel from [http://www.gnu.org/software/gnuzilla/].

In DebianEtch and DebianSid the name of the package is [http://packages.debian.org/iceweasel iceweasel] (a transitional [http://packages.debian.org/firefox firefox] package exists).

Invoke it using one of this ways:

or simply

For ["Gnome"] launcher, use
 /usr/lib/iceweasel/iceweasel "%s"

to open a concrete page.

== Plugin ==
The plugin directory is

for more info on iceweasel plugins, refer to the plugins section of the ["Mozilla"] page.

It has ["Javascript"] enabled by default.

== Useragent string ==
!IceWeasel's useragent string (on DebianTesting, at the time of writing... ) is :
`` {{{Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080129 Iceweasel/ (Debian-}}}

Some application are checking the browser's useragent string, which prevent you from accessing the site. You can use the [https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/59 User Agent Switcher] plugin, then download a UA profile :
 * [http://www.geticeweasel.org/useragent/useragentswitcher-firefox2.xml Firefox 2.0 - Windows]
 * [attachment:uaswitcher_Firefox-Linux.xml Firefox 2.0 - Linux]

[http://www.geticeweasel.org/useragent/ geticeweasel.org] has more information on Iceweasel useragent string.
== Troubleshooting ==
 1. My iceweasel is consistently crashing on a website
 * First run iceweasel without loading any extensions and see if the problem persists. This can be done by using the -safe-mode option
    iceweasel -safe-mode
 * If the problem goes away, then it means that one of the installed extensions is the root cause of the problem. If not then read on!
 * Create a new user and try to reproduce the problem on the new user's account.
 * If there is no problem with iceweasel on new user's account, chances are that your ~/.mozilla/iceweasel/ directory is corrupt.
 * In order to see if the ~/.mozilla/iceweasel is infact corrupt or not, move it to some other directory and start iceweasel again
    mv ~/.mozilla/iceweasel ~/old_iceweasel
    iceweasel &
 * If the problem goes away, well and good. Otherwise you can ask for help on debian-user mailing list by providing all the relevant information like "the way to reproduce the crash", "the version of iceweasel you are using", and "the distribution you are using" etc., Finally, if you are confident that it is a bug in the iceweasel package please consider filing a bug against iceweasel package.

=== Unsuported Browser Error ===
 *In order to browse websites like mlsni.net which allows firefox but not iceweasel to browse their home listing, do the following:
 * As a workaround until they fix this web programming error you can do the following in my Iceweasel:

__ Useragent Change in Iceweasel __
 *In iceweasel (firefox) type in the following in a address bar:
 *then go to
 *change the value from:
Iceweasel not firefox/
 *click ok
Now you can browse mlsni.net with no problems. Everything works just like it would in firefox.
Restart Firefox.
 *Don't forget to notify mlsni about your issue.

== Icons ==
If you would prefer a different icon for Iceweasel than the one that comes in the Debian package, you can use a script at [http://alphapapa.net/debian/iceweasel/] to replace them.

== See also ==


== External Links ==

[http://wizah.blogspot.com/2006/11/debian-how-to-update-iceweasel.html Debian HOW-TO : Update iceweasel] explains how to install the latest version of iceweasel from Mozilla
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