we need to create some backports for sarge for ?DebCon6VideoTimeline

 <edrz> h01ger: etch + these packages:
 <edrz> http://techweb.rfa.org/debrfa/dists/etch/main/binary-i386/
 <edrz> where libtheora is actually the theora-mmx branch from xiph.org cvs
 <edrz> and icecast is karl heyes latest
 <edrz> hmm .. not quite latest it seems
 <edrz> http://mediacast1.com/~karl/testing/?C=M;O=D
 <edrz> 2.3-khb
 <edrz> but, etch packages are fine
 <edrz> theora-mmx is just to get some better utilization out of the cpu i have available
 <edrz> and karl's icecast i'm using because he just implemented a feature i asked for last week.
 <edrz> namely, i can stream from my camera and provide both a video feed and an audio only feed
 <edrz> from the same encoding
 <edrz> that's pretty much it for the icecast side

 <edrz> encoding is dvgrab and ffmpeg2theora from etch
 <edrz> plus oggfwd from here:
 <edrz> http://v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/oggfwd/
 <edrz> oggfwd has not been debian packaged as far as I know

 <edrz> re: icecast ... if you want to use the master-relay style config we're using here .. karl fixed several bugs for us
 <edrz> so, his latest may be needed for that
 <edrz> again, i just grabbed his tarball and used the debian/ dir from the etch package