#debian* Operators

This page lists people who have chanserv access to #debian* channels.


Developer Channels

Subprojects, Packages

ACL Configuration

Access Control is defined through chanserv access lists. These can contain groups defined through groupserv.


/msg ChanServ access #debian-devel list
<ChanServ> 1. @debian-master MASTER
/msg GroupServ info @debian-master
<GroupServ> Group Masters: themill, pabs, Myon, mapreri, Ganneff, dondelelcaro

IRC Operator Information and Guidelines

This information is primarily informative, and non-normative; different channels may have different guidelines.

Useful Utilities

General Guidelines

Ban tracking

The IRC servers typically have a maximum number of bans that can be associated with a channel and in busy channels with more than their fair share of spam bots, trolls and trouble makers, this maximum can be reached fairly easily. Both Freenode and OFTC have a limit of 100 on the ban lists for a channel. To help keep the ban lists clean, to help avoid unintended bans of people with dynamic IPs and to avoid being overly harsh, ban trackers can be used to record why bans were placed and to lift the bans after a certain period of time. Ban tracking bots do a much better job of this than timeouts in individual operator's IRC clients; the information stored in the bots is only available to channel operators.

Two ban tracking bots are in use at present: eir on Freenode and debchange on OFTC.


eir is extensively documented on the Freenode website github. For the channel operator, the basic usage is:

<eir> Please comment on the following: ban[63807] *!*@troll.example.net 
      was set on #debian by star_op!~me@example.com on 2014-04-09 14:42:00 
      and had an expiry date of 2014-04-09 16:42:00.

<star_op> %~14d persistent trolling

Other useful commands for eir are


debchange uses the ChanTracker plugin. For the channel operator, the basic usage is:

<debchange> For [#64 +q *!*@troll.example.net in #debian - 1 user(s)] 
            type <duration> <reason>, you have 3 minutes

<star_op> 14d persistent trolling

Other useful commands for debchange are: