uim is a input method (IM) which uses Lisp as its backend. It allows a user to enter characters of a different language. E.g. entering Chinese while your system generally uses a German keyboard layout.

The status display dialogue is the uim-toolbar command. Its actual behavior can be customized by the selection of the update-alternatives command. (See update-alternatives(8) manpage)

$ sudo update-alternatives --config uim-toolbar

Basic information

uim is a IM framework which supports different IM engine packages and integrates well with all modern Desktops.

Using uim under ...

The following sub sections hold information on how to use uim in a specific desktop environment.


The manual way

The KDE5 integration/support is already very well in Debian via im-config package. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Select the IM engine you want to use (a package search for »uim-« shows you all available IM engines). This example will use uim-mozc, just replace it everywhere with the IME you selected.

  2. Run (as root)
    # aptitude install uim-mozc im-config
  3. Reboot (or re-login) to the Desktop.
  4. Can click tray icon and start the uim configuration program via GUI and configure uim according to your wishes (don't forget to select at least one IM engine in the second tab). --- XXX FIXME XXX (Please verufy uim user)

  5. If you have installed multiple IM frameworks, run im-config to select uim.
  6. im-config will set up required environment variable and also take care starting of daemon program.
  7. You can activate and deactivate the uim input method in all applications with the keys you configured (default: Ctrl + Space) as you need it (if some characters can't be displayed you should install a font which carries the required characters).

The "kimpanel" way

FIXME ... is this valid for uim?

kimpanel is now in Debian (in the package plasma-widgets-addons). Here you should only need the first step from the manual way, install plasma-widgets-addons additionally and add the kimpanel to your Plasma workspace.

If you do this, you can click tray icon and start the ibus-setup program via GUI.


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