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The Oxford review project

The purpose of the Oxford review project is to review all English texts associated with Debian packages, namely debconf templates, manual pages and packages descriptions.

It is named after the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the references for the English language.

The project will begin with the debconf templates review subproject which should last for the whole etch->lenny release cycle.

The main place for discussion about this project is [http://lists.debian.org/debian-l10n-english the Debian English localisation mailing-list].

The debconf templates review subproject

In short, the aim of this process is to review the debconf templates for packages that use them, based on their popcon score, and:

  • review the debconf templates
  • update translations
  • get new translations

This process will last for the whole etch-->lenny release cycle.

The packages description review subproject

In the beginning, package descriptions will be reviewed along with debconf templates. This subproject could continue later by reviewing package descriptions for the packages that don't have debconf templates.

The manpages review subproject

The purpose of that project is to review manual pages for Debian native packages. Manual pages for packages that have an upstream are not in the scope of this subproject.