Of course, all times in local time. This is an "always under improvement" schedule for the I18n/Extremadura2006 meeting. Please, contact debian-i18n-extremadura list if you want to change or propose something.

September 06, Wednesday

The Everybody at the airport day

18h 45min - Leave from the airport

September 07, Thursday

The French guys join us tomorrow! day

08h 30min - Breakfast

10h 00min - Presentation of attendees and l10n teams (by Aigars Mahinovs, Eddy Petrișor)

13h 30min - Lunch

15h 00min - Fonts Workshop (by Javier Solá)

16h 30min - Input Methods Workshop (by Guntupalli Karunakar and Jaldhar Vyas)

18h 00min - Man Pages l10n Workshop (by Thomas Huriaux)

19h 30min - Pootle and GSOC (Brainstorm session)

21h 30min - Dinner

September 08, Friday

The Spanish guys/gals join us! day

08h 30min - Breakfast

10h 00min - Localization Config (Christian Perrier)

13h 30min - Lunch

15h 00min - Maintainer Interaction (by Nicolas Francois, Luk Claes and/or Denis Barbier)

17h 30min - DDTP and DDTS (by Michael Bramer)

19h 45min - Language/Translation Packs (d-i) (by Christian Perrier)

21h 00min - Key Signing Party (Nicolas François) (Temporary list of participants", "Signer / Signee matrix")

21h 30min - Dinner

September 09, Saturday

The Last day

08h 30min - Breakfast

11h 00min - Conclusion (Brainstorm Session)

14h 00min - Lunch

16h 00min - Group Photo

16h 30min - How to use qemu to test D-I translations

17h 00min - NMU Campaign

19h 00min - Key Signing Party

19h 30min - What the i18n Infrastructure still needs? (Brainstorm Session)

21h 30min - Dinner

23h 30min - SCIM documentation

00h 00min - Fonts (defoma)

Other sessions to schedule:

September 10, Sunday

The Get Rid of Everybody day

03h 00min - Alfie, Felipe, Gintas and Kenshi take taxi to the airport.

06h 30min - Rest of the group take the bus to the airport.