Finns are a reclusive tribe, avoiding physical contact or talking face-to-face to each other, or to people from other tribes. A representative happy day in the life of a Finn is one where the only thing anyone says to them is the total amount they owe for groceries.

An anecdote that shows the Finns' approach to romance: An old couple is approaching their 50th anniversary. The wife says to the husband, at the breakfast table: "You never say you love me." The husband, after thinking about this carefully for a couple of days, replies: "When I married you, I said I love you. If this ever changes, I will let you know."

Finns do not, however, have any trouble communicating using electronics, whether it is over a mobile phone, or the Internet. They can even be quite chatty at times.

The aversion of Finns to simple, everyday physical acts of communication such as hugging gives an opportunity for play: the "Hug a Finn" game.

The rules of the game are simple:

  1. You get one point if you hug a Finn.
  2. The Finn must not resist the hug.
  3. You only get one point per person. Hugging the same person twice gives only one point.

The game can be played during a conference, such that the person with most points gathered during the conference wins. It can also be played separately for totals, so that points gathered at any time are counted (including those for games played during conferences, but point 3 applies).

Happy hugging.


For the purpose of this game, LarsWirzenius is not a Finn.