I start with the description i found on the page of

How to get online by Vodafone ?WebSessions Mobile Connect USB Stick K3565-Z on Debian Squeeze:

It’s easy (2009-08-21) by installing the packages from the Betavine Forge Project

or the packages for other architectures

Resolve some dependencies with:

sudo aptitude -f install

Hint: It is not working with the Debian-Packages of ozerocdoff and usb-modeswitch (until now).

Add the allowed users in group dialout. Run it by calling


when you want debug output you must start in a shell with


Modification for different mobile network

The software only runs directly when you use a Vodafone SIM-card.
When you use another SIM-card then the automated configuration fails.
I opened a bug for this: Bugreport

You get it to run if you insert first a vodafone card or if you modify the configuration files manually.


last_device = 6610/73/K3565-Z
updater = 
name = Alice GPRS

validity = maximum

exit_without_confirmation = no
close_minimizes = no
manage_secrets = yes
max_traffic = 10
traffic_threshold = 10
usage_notification = no
mail = xdg-email
show_icon = yes
manage_keyring = no
browser = xdg-open

~/.vmc2/mobile-profiles/Alice GPRS

username = 
dns2 = 
dns1 = 
staticdns = no
dialer_profile = PAP
phone = 
connection = 3GPREF
apn = internet.partner1
password =