Discussion about the HowToIdentifyADevice/Beginner page

a few comments :

  1. The "HowToIdentifyADevice/*" collection already have a main page 1. consider using it.

  2. It is intended in "HowToIdentifyADevice/*" pages to list the first and easiest tool available in a default Desktop installation at the top of the list. That's because new users can have hard time installing a package (no network connection, can't sudo, etc.).

  3. The default user interface in Debian is Gnome (I would assume a "beginner" would have it installed). FYI menu path: "Gnome Applications Menu>System Tools>Hardinfo"

  4. Hardinfo in a gnome tool. try using KDE tools in KDE.

    -- FranklinPiat 2007-10-07 22:43:16 Hi Franklin,

  5. -> Oups, sorry. I'm going to use it. I'll add links between them.

  6. -> I have named this page "Beginner", but "GUI" would be better. I'have search graphic tools in default desktop installation, but don't find it. If I don't find it, next I search in the main desktops GNOME, KDE and XFCE. At last, I search a package in Debian repository.

  7. -> Yes, you are right. I'll name Menu for Gnome and KDE. Maybe it's interesting to integrate that in ?conventions? For Beginner knowledge level, I think we must use only Gnome desktop. But in User level, ?user can choose its desktop.

  8. -> Hardinfo is not a Gnome tool. It's a GTK software. All GTK softwares are not in Gnome desktop. Look at GIMP by example. As I say before, if I don't find the correct Graphical tool in the default Debian desktop, I search elsewhere and somtimes it's hard and take long time to find them ! Generally, I search in the two main desktops KDE and Gnome. But in fact, KDE often have more configuration tools (but I don't want to start a discussion like "The best desktop" because I think all of them are complementary and needed for the user). Bye. -- SalokineTerata 2007-10-08 19:51:46

  9. -> I still don't understand why we need two index pages. (we probably don't want to maintain two set of pages, one for "users" and one for "advanced user"...).

  10. -> I will include GUI's way in "HowToIdentifyADevice/*" + forewords.

    -- SalokineTerata 2007-10-08 21:47:25 OK, it's true. It's more simple and efficient. sorry. Warning, in PCI page, with GUI tools hardinfo or kinfocenter don't gives IDs (je galère pour trouver un outils graphique qui fait ça !! ;) ) Thanks and @+

    PS: top is not a good tool to see current memory (in HowToIdentifyADevice/RAM) ? After, you can remove HowToIdentifyADevice/GUI. Bye.