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General Horde installation Howto


Installing bundles

If you want to install the webmail bundle:

If you want to install the groupware bundle:

NB: Horde bundles provide the horde-bundle virtual package

Installing individual applications

Just add php-horde- in front of the application name. For example:

Installing an admin user

For admin:admin credentials:

mysql horde < /usr/share/php/data/horde/scripts/sql/script.initial_horde_user.sql

For IMP:

apt install dovecot-imapd
adduser admin

then edit /etc/horde/imp/backends.php and comment out 'secure' => 'tls',.

Configuring Webserver

/!\ The php-horde package installs a simple Apache config (/etc/apache2/conf-available/php-horde.conf). This is for fast installation but is not sufficient for production environment (it does not ensure SSL). You can remove it and add a new site (/etc/apache2/sites-available/horde.conf) and enable it (a2ensite horde).

Configuring Horde

There are several ways to configure Horde:

        cd /etc/horde/<app>
        cp conf.php.dist conf.php
        chown www-data conf.php