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This is more of a proposal at the moment how the packages should been layout-ed.

== Base packages ==
The packages are to be divided into base packages, that are only containing the static parts of the package, these will be:
 * horde3-base
 * imp4-base
 * kronolith2-base
 * mnemo2-base
 * turba2-base
 * dimp-base
 * mimp-base
 * ingo-base
 * gollem-base
 * nag2-base
 * trean-base

Generally, these will only contain the /usr/horde part of the package

== Main packages ==
Each base package will have an nominal main package, that configures a workable configuration for that particular package, these are named similar to the base packages, but without the-base part.
 * horde3
  * Depends: horde3-base
 * imp4
  *Depends: horde3, imp4-base
 * etc...

== Suit packages ==
These packages provides a workable configuration, possible mainly similar on the "groupware" setups provided upstream.
 * horde3-groupware-webmail
  * Depends: horde3-base, imp4-base, kronolith2-base, mnemo2-base, turba2-base, nag2-base, ingo-base, dimp-base, mimp-base
  * Provides: horde3, imp4, kronolith2, mnemo2, turba2, nag2, ingo, dimp, mimp
 * etc...