Homeless Patches Repository

Some published Free/Libre softwares may only have an informational web site, a downloading area, and an email address to contact its author. However, their original project can lack an official open mailing list to discuss the software and a publicly accessible bugzilla/savane/sourceforge-type place to submit patches.

After a patch's author has contacted the original software's author to submit his/her patch, nobody else knows about it and therefore no public discussion, review, trial, and consumption of the patch can occur during the time it takes the original author to do the same and respond. There are no guarantees on the duration of this process or that anything in the patch will ever be included in an official release, yet the patch may be useful to others in the mean time.

Submitting the patch to each OS-distributor is an option, but it can scatter the discussions that can occur about it and lacks a single source-of-origin quality to it. This repository project is OS-distribution-neutral.

Each contributor is responsible for his/her own patches. Submitting a patch here, even a very pervasive one, does not imply any takeover of the original software project. It can be done on an ad-hoc basis only when there is a need for one specific version of the targeted software; doing it once does not imply any commitment to do it again in the future.

Each patch author retains the obligatory duty to still contact the author of the original software about the patch's existence.

The original targeted software should usually be published under a license that is acceptable for the Gna! web site; a pre-patched copy must not be hosted here if it isn't. Each patch itself must be published under such an acceptable license, since it is what's hosted here. If possible, the customary practice is to publish the patch under the same terms as the original software itself.

Patches submitted here must be high-quality. This repository is open to simple limited-scope patches, as well as to compilations of verified-to-be-compatible patches (in the "-xx1" Linux tradition) that constitute an interesting contribution in and of themselves.

The details for submitting patches here will be worked out as demand starts to happen. The overlaying principle is that each patch author will be responsible to prepare in advance much of everything that is related to the patch: README file, web page, justification for this being the right place to host it, etc. There must be very little demanded of the administrator(s) of this repository project in getting this material ready.