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HighPerformanceComputing maybe not a portal ?


Yes it's a good idea to talk about compatibility with other distributions. However, Portal is a hub linking to other internal articles.

I recommand as example:

If you want continue to create this portal, make links to existing internal articles and attach it to SystemAdministration portal. Next you could create a dedicated article to compare how other distribution support common solutions.

Best regards. -- SalokineTerata 2009-07-19 09:07:38

you got a point

The folks performing HPC are mostly distribution agnostic. They just have a series of machines and need to make sure they run nicely. The comparison could probably move to a subpage of some sort, I agree. However, it is also a nice way to say what still needs to be done and that Debian is competitive with other distributions.

I am not sure about how much system administration one should add since every system will be different, depending on demands. I suggest one should add more to this page and then see how to abstract from what was added to help the overall structure of it all.

Many thanks

-- Steffen 2010-03-10 14:42:00