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 . ([[http://www.debian.or.jp/project/organization.html|I'm an auditor (2007, 2008), secretary-general(2009-2012), leader(2013)]] and one of webmasters)  . ([[http://www.debian.or.jp/project/organization.html|I'm an auditor (2007, 2008), secretary-general(2009-2012), leader(2013,2014)]] and one of webmasters)

やまねひでき (Hideki Yamane, henrich _at_ debian.or.jp)


  • Hello world :-), welcome to my page at Debian Wiki.
  • follow me on Google+

  • I'm not a programmer, but I could do make a patch for linux kernel(just add 1 pci id), so you also can do more thing. Let's try it :-)

bug reporter

Debian package maintainer (Debian Developer, and was First Japanese Debian Maintainer)

translator (EN -> JA)


tech writer

community member


I hope...