Why this page

I use sid since 2011.04.09. I want to keep here all the problems I have encountered.

The problems and their solutions

This year

2012.06.16 : aptitude : error

aptitude: error while loading shared libraries: libept.so. cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

apt-get works so I have done : 

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

2012.04.04 : black screen

On wednesday , after grub, I had got a black screen.

To boot Debian, I only had to choose an older kernel.


I remember having one problem that I forgot to document. Sorry

2011.05.21 : No more processes in this runlevel

On saturday 2011.05.21 I couldn't start xfce.

My computer stopped with the message :

No more processes in this runlevel

I choose to boot with an older kernel (2.6.32-5) and all went well.

on monday 2011.05.23, after a few

#aptitude update

xfce started again with the kernel 2.6.39-1

2011.04.10 : grub 2

I have installed Wheezy on a partition in case of trouble to be able to use the computer.

So I have got one partition with sid and another with testing. I wanted to change the name of the title in grub.

I had to change /etc/grub.d/10_linux line 65

printf "menuentry 'testing ${title}' ${CLASS} {\n" "${os}" "${version}" 

and I had to rename the file from 10_linux to 31 so that it would appear after sid.

Then I had executed update-grub.