Here I use dh_make. But for simple packages it is best to use equivs !


You will have to create the smallest Debian package possible.


step 1 : preparation

step 2 : build the deb file

step 4 : testing


step 1 : preparation

# mkdir -p package-minimal/package-minimal-1.2.1/debian

# cd package-minimal/package-minimal-1.2.1/debian/

$package-minimal/package-minimal-1.2.1/debian# ls

changelog  control  rules

step 2 : build the deb file

Here are the content of the three remaining files : changelog, control and rules.

$package-minimal/package-minimal-1.2.1/debian# more changelog 

package-minimal (1) unstable; urgency=low

 -- r <r>  Tue, 30 Aug 2011 07:27:05 -1000

$package-minimal/package-minimal-1.2.1/debian# more control 

Source: package-minimal

Section: unknown

Package: package-minimal

Architecture: any

$package-minimal/package-minimal-1.2.1/debian# more rules


        dh $@ 

$package-minimal/package-minimal-1.2.1/debian# cd ..

$package-minimal/package-minimal-1.2.1# dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

step 4 : testing

$package-minimal/package-minimal-1.2.1# cd ..

$package-minimal# dpkg -i p*.deb

$package-minimal# aptitude show package-minimal

Package: package-minimal                 

New: yes

State: installed

Automatically installed: no

Version: 1

# cd /

$/# find -name "package-minimal*"




$package-minimal# aptitude remove package-minimal

# aptitude show package-minimal

E: Unable to locate package package-minimal

$package-minimal# rm p*

rm: cannot remove `package-minimal-1.0': Is a directory

rm: cannot remove `package-minimal-1.1.1': Is a directory

rm: cannot remove `package-minimal-1.2.1': Is a directory