I don't have a lot of time to work on Debian. It can happen that I will do nothing for debian during several weeks (perhaps even monthes)

Why all those personal pages

The starting point

One day, as I had a few weeks of spare time, I sought for a challenging project about documentation in Debian.

I wanted to make it easier for people to contribute to Debian.

I had already edited some pages in the wiki. But I realised I didn't know how much work I had really done.

I thought a good starting point would be to write done every thing I do for Debian.

the reasons

  1. I will try to add content to some pages every monthes (it is a good movivation)
  2. I hope to advertise that even if you do little changes, over the time, it is helpfull.
  3. I am happy to be able to look at all the cool thing I have already done. (And it's only a start !)

All you need is time

So far I haven't done any thing that requires technical knowedge. (I still need to look for the meaning of some acronyms like AFAIK)

So any Debian user can do as many thing as I have done.

My contributions

Here, I will try to record every thing I do for Debian.

On this wiki

When I make a change on a page, it is only a proposition. If the page is not modified after some time, it means the change is accepted by the community.

A list of some changes I made.

On mailing lists

A list of the mailing lists I have subscribed to.

A list of the mails I have sent to some mailing lists.


A list of the event where we could have met


  • If you have write access, you can leave me a message here.
    • When I have read it, I will remove it.
      • If it is about some changes in this wiki, your comment will stay until some significant changes have occurred.