I have noted some areas that need work:

0) Before we get too far into the development of this wiki - we need to organise a better template and a navbar. This is something that every page should inherit. The navbar at the top is fine for the development of the wiki itself. However the wiki has two faces. On the one hand it is a document under development and thus needs an editing navbar - which it has. On the other hand it is a document full of content and thus needs a navbar that is content driven. One way to do this is to put a vertical navbar on say the left side of the page that plops users directly into major content sections. People should be able to upgrade that navbar to create new sections or to re-factor the organization of the wiki content.

1) the page "Distro" is not needed. It has been replaced with a more detailed page LinuxDistributions. I do not think there are any specific links to Distro and if not then the Distro page can be deleted.

2) The LinuxDistributions page needs a simple description of each of the distributions. Some duplicated pages EG Mepis and MEPIS have been noted and they need to be merged. Some pages are missing. The list may not be complete. Please note the link to the DebianVsOtherDistros page. This is a more comprehensive discussion and we need to be careful to keep these in sync. The LinuxDistributions page and the DebianVsOtherDistros pages can be merged. However they are really separate topics. I created the LinuxDistributions page because I wanted just a simple page that really forms little more than an introduction and I linked it only from the FrontPage. LiveCD capabilities need to be identified for all distros. Also there is a distro which co-habitates with windows. I am not familiar with this distro and I do not know if there is a Debian based distro which will do this.

3) We need to expand the installations process. In fact we need to rewrite the installation manual because the manual is too verbose. We need to note if a distro is broken (ie we need a status page). This should be linked from FrontPage. Maybe it should be called BreakingNews.

4) Too many of the pages in here are introductory. I can understand why this happens. Someone may think of a topic so a page is written. This topic needs an intro so this gets written first. Next someone else links the orphan in and we now have an intro leading to an intro.

5) The DebianVsOtherDistros needs to address the upgrade process in a little more detail. This is discussed in another page which I cannot find at this point. Basically the idea is that you install Debian only once in a machine and from there on you upgrade it. The details of this should be linked to from the DebianVsOtherDistros page because this is a major area where Debian departs from other distros. For now I'll probably put a paragraph in the LinuxDistributions Page.

6) The whole area of planning out your system - what you can do - what partitions are and what partitioning scheme may best serve you needs to be addressed. Even users with 20 years of experiance sometimes do not know why something should be done. This should probably be linked from the FrontPage becuase a NewBoot is going to start there. Experianced users will just ignore any information after they see the DebianWikiTopics link. This is why I placed that link right at the top and made it bold. Maybe it should even be bolder.

7) The DebianWikiTopics page does need quite a lot of work. I think it should be structured as follows.

Then a section on applications: etc.

Translation Pages Managing

A smart way of managing transaltions should be used. The main problem for now is, i think, to determinate a standard for naming that pages, like for example

  <language-identifier><page title in language> (1)


  <language-identifier><page title in english> (2)

the second has the advantage that given a page and a language there is a unique name for its translation, but on the other hand it requires to know the english title of the page, it could be good to have this correspondence, and a good idea would be to follow this rule:

  if i generate a page in my language, that page must exist (even if empty) in English. (3)

I noticed that most of pages follow the rule, that is functionally equivalent to (2):

 <page title in english><language> (4)

but somene have simply the name made by the english title translated in their language.

In conclusion i think that:

  1. The format (4) should became a standard
  2. The rule (3) should become a standard too