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All of these entries have been added way before the DebianWiki was changed to Moin. As Moin supports quite a big load of features this page most propably isn't really containing proper help offer informations anymore. I suggest removing the page in the long run as I expect most people listed here are not that keen anymore because there is no big gain by switching from Moin to MediaWiki. If you still think there is, please explicitly state why you think so with adding your entry. -- GerfriedFuchs

As discussed on ["DebianWiki/Engine"] there have been multiple suggestions of moving to MediaWiki. If we decide to do that, and you would be willing to volunteer time to migrate the pages, test them, modify the ones that need modifying, clean up whatever, and then do all the other stuff needed...add your name here. If your email address isn't on the Wiki or on db.d.o, please email MichaelIvey and let him know how to reach you.

Philippe Cloutier

Pedro Macanas.

Eli MacKenzie

Anand Vaidya


Bjoern Boschman

2008/10: added standing [http://bugs.debian.org/501954 Bug#501954 use MediaWiki instead of MoinMoin]